An image of four pie charts, depicting statistics about collaboration and innovation in the workplace.

Collaboration + Innovation = New Ideas

Today’s blog talks about the growth of collaborative and innovative practices in the next decade. Check it out to see some interesting statistics we found in the Google Decisive Decade Report about how employees want more collaboration and innovation and what they predict the 2020 workplace will be like. Don’t forget to comment! As always, we love to hear your thoughts 🙂

Empathy is Key to Globalization Success: An Interview with John Yunker

Check out an interview with web globalization connoisseur and co-founder of Byte Level Research, John Yunker. Read all about what Yunker has to say on the shrinking globe, how social networking sites have lead the way with crowdsourcing, and best practices tips. We were so fortunate to have John Yunker lend his time and expertise. It was truly a treat!

Lily-livered – Wacky Word Wednesday

Wacky Word Wednesday is back with today’s word, lily-livered. Stop on by to learn about the ancient Greeks’ belief that the body was composed of four main liquids, or humors, and how this determined individual personality traits. Read on to see how the Middle Ages and the Elizabethan era were affected by this belief…and how Shakespeare incorporated it into his plays! See you there!

Simplify Translation Management – Simplify Your Life

Hi guys! In today’s blog, Matt Arney talks about the disconnect between what translation buyers need and what localization vendors are selling. This can easily be bridged if LSPs would just embrace the new ideas and technologies that are emerging within the localization and translation services industries. Check it out now to read more about simplifying processes and what CSOFT can offer you so you can emerge with more.

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Languages & Cultures: Just because we work with them doesn’t mean we’re sick of them!

Today’s guest blog features Sophie as she talks about her views on language and culture. Born and raised in France, currently residing in sunny California, US, and fluent in French, English, and Japanese, Sophie shares her experience living in Bahrain for a summer. A lot of love for internationalism! Read more about Sophie’s thoughts and impressions today, and don’t forget to leave a comment!

Chinese Tech Giants Who Globalized Successfully

Internet Domain Names – the Biggest Mess of all Time

If you though keeping your desk organized was a hard task, wait until you read about the people managing and organizing more than four billion Internet domain names. Learn about new concepts being integrating into the domain naming system and how this is related to the localization industry’s most basic fundamentals. Also, we love hearing from you, so don’t forget to comment and share your thoughts!