TheNewStarbucksLogo OneStepClosertoHardcoreGlobality

The New Starbucks Logo – One Step Closer to Hardcore Globality

Have you heard the news about Starbucks’ new logo? Apparently, there’s a big fuss online because they removed the company’s name and the word “coffee” from the logo, leaving only the iconic representative of their products, the green siren. Fans of Starbucks seemed to be fairly against the change, but it’s possible that the removal of the words from the logo is an important part of Starbucks’ globalization strategy. If you’re interested in international branding, business, or language, you should stop on by and let us know what YOU think about this wordless logo that’s left so many consumers speechless.

Achieving Competitive Business Advantage in the European Market

Petra Held – Achieving Competitive Business Advantage in the European Market

Successful sales strategies in Europe aren’t so simple as offering a good product at a good price. In order to effectively network and sell your products or services in the European market, you need to have an intimate understanding of culture, language, and history in your target market(s). Stop on by and see what Petra Held, a localization expert and business development manager at CSOFT, has to say about the relationship between culture, language, and different sales approaches in Europe.