Mid-Autumn Festival – Bitter-Sweet Love Story in China

The Mid-Autumn Festival has arrived in China. Like the Qixi Festival, it’s yet another celebration of bitter-sweet love. Why do Chinese people like to celebrate unhappy lovers? We can’t say for sure. All we know is that, whenever the Mid-Autumn Festival comes around, you get to eat moon cakes, drink, and star-gaze — and that’s good enough for us.

TranslationReviewWeek:PartOne KnowingWhatYouWant

Translation Review Week: Part One – Knowing What You Want

It’s Translation Review Week here at CSOFT, so every day on T for Translation we’re going to individually address a selection of review-related pitfalls, offering up helpful suggestions on the way. Today’s entry is about clarifying the purpose behind each of your document types and, from there, developing specific translation review practices around those types. Communicating these requirements with your LSP is also not a bad idea….