TranslationReviewWeek:PartTwo GettingWhatYouWant

Translation Review Week: Part Two – Getting What You Want

In day two of Translation Review Week, we discuss how to progress from knowing what you want to getting what you want when it comes to linguistic review. This entry describes a brief list of pre-translation guidelines that you should have in place in order to optimize your translation review process and minimize your exposure to subjective reviews.

TranslationReviewWeek:PartOne KnowingWhatYouWant

Translation Review Week: Part One – Knowing What You Want

It’s Translation Review Week here at CSOFT, so every day on T for Translation we’re going to individually address a selection of review-related pitfalls, offering up helpful suggestions on the way. Today’s entry is about clarifying the purpose behind each of your document types and, from there, developing specific translation review practices around those types. Communicating these requirements with your LSP is also not a bad idea….

Schadenfreude WackyWordWednesday

Schadenfreude – Wacky Word Wednesday

Check out the first edition of Wacky Word Wednesday, in which we discuss the word “Schadenfreude.” You ever heard of it? Stop on by and find out what it means! Also, if you’ve got good writing skills, you can enter our Wacky Word Contest for a chance to win a $15 gift certificate at It’ll only take a few minutes, and it’s definitely worth your time.

Back to School or… not.

Back to School or… not.

In her debut appearance on “T for Translation,” Elena McCoy, the Executive Director of Communications at CSOFT, recounts the harrowing experience of sending her son to the first grade, only to find that, well… it ain’t happening. Read on to find out why not all zip codes were created equal and how Elena has had to teach her boy how to start crashing classes at the ripe bold age of six.