Capitalizing on the Potential of the Global E-commerce Market

Capitalizing on the Potential of the Global E-commerce Market

In 2016, e-commerce sales in the US reached $396 billion and are predicted to grow to 684 billion by 2020. In China, e-commerce is expected to outstrip the US’s with $1 trillion in e-commerce sales in 2016 growing to $2 trillion by 2019. In other emerging markets like Mexico, where internet and mobile penetration is growing, market potential is increasing.

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Controlling Quality in Crowdsourced Translation

Crowdsourcing translation offers many benefits to both linguists and companies alike. Yet, like all localization projects, it is important to implement careful strategies for maintaining accuracy throughout the process. In many industries, a small translation error can have a huge impact. Be it a life or death situation, your company’s reputation, or the difference between success and failure in a local market, it is always important to work with a language services provider who understands your content, industry, and brand strategy.

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How to Leverage Machine Translation

CSOFT has always been excited to debate the topic of man vs. machine translation, and to discuss its implications for businesses and translators alike. In today’s global world, machine translation has become a common aspect in both businesses and daily life. For people travelingMachine Translation abroad, for example, translation apps — which are based on machine translation — are the fastest and most cost effective solution for traversing foreign lands.