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February 4th, 2015

Wacky Word Wednesday – Gadabout

Today’s Wacky Word Wednesday, a weekly celebration of the wackiest and most interesting words from around the world, describes a person who craves high levels of social stimulation and lives on the spur of the moment.




A person who goes from place to place in social activity.

January 28th, 2015

Wacky Word Wednesday – Sotto Voce

In public speaking, a presenter may sometimes increase the volume of their voice while pounding their fist in order to emphasize important points. However, the opposite approach can be just as powerful. In today’s Wacky Word Wednesday, let’s tune out distractions and pay closer attention to the quiet, whispering voices.

Sotto voce

[sah-toh-VOH-chee ]


Under the breath; in an undertone; in a private manner.

January 21st, 2015

Wacky Word Wednesday – Megillah

Some people enjoy seeing the big picture and hearing the condensed version of a story but there are those who appreciate details and are eager to hear the whole enchilada. In today’s Wacky Word Wednesday, we will explore books that tell stories in great detail and learn a new way to say “the whole nine yards.”




A long involved story or account.

January 7th, 2015

Amphigory – Wacky Word Wednesday

“’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves

Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;

All mimsy were the borogoves,

And the mome raths outgrabe.”

If that section of verse doesn’t make much sense to you, you’re reading it right. It’s taken from Lewis Carroll’s classic poem “Jabberwocky,” and is the quintessential example of today’s wacky word – amphigory.




A nonsensical piece of writing, usually in verse form, typically composed as a parody.

December 31st, 2014

Yule – Wacky Word Wednesday

Most of us try to avoid using words when we’re not sure of their meaning, but come Christmas time, we all seem to throw this convention out the window. Whether we’re talking about logs, or time, or fancy balls, we all use a word that we’ve heard all our lives without ever thinking about its definition – yule.




A pagan religious festival observed by historic Germanic peoples in December and January.

December 17th, 2014

Buccula – Wacky Word Wednesday

After gorging on Halloween candy, Thanksgiving feasts, and hams and turkey at Christmas parties, it happens to the best of us; the gradual progression – or perhaps decline is more apt – can be tracked through your holiday photos. Though they say the camera adds 10 pounds, it can’t add bits of you that weren’t there before and – if you’ve been gluttonous enough – that’s what you’ll see: a new bit—the universally loathed double chin. Medically speaking, it’s referred to as a buccula and in this week’s Wacky Word Wednesday, we’ll explore how to get rid of it but also – hopefully – find something to redeem it.




A layer of fat located at the front of the neck covered by sagging or stretched skin, giving the owner the appearance of having a second or third chin.

December 10th, 2014

Wacky Word Wednesday – Lalochezia

Ever bumped your shin against a coffee table in the dark or stubbed a toe while you were wearing a pair of flip-flops? What was the first thing out of your mouth? If not “ouch,” or some variation thereof, it was probably a word not fit for print on a forum as prestigious as T for Translation. But for this week’s Wacky Word Wednesday, we’ll be exploring the reason so many of us find ourselves swearing when we’re in pain.




Emotional relief gained from using indecent or vulgar language.

December 3rd, 2014

Asteism – Wacky Word Wednesday

Some people say the meanest things but in such a nice way that you don’t even notice the insult. They’re so polite they could say whatever they wanted and nobody would take offense – even if the speaker intended them to. There’s a word for these sorts of cleverly biting comments and it’s this week’s Wacky Word – asteism.




An ingeniously polite insult.

November 26th, 2014

Pandiculation – Wacky Word Wednesday

You rise from your chair, a little sleepy after a large lunch and a glass of wine, and as you stand your body begins to contort. Your spine stiffens and arches backward, your arms reach for the sky, your head leans back, your mouth opens wide and you draw a deep breath. It’s an exquisitely involuntary action we’ve all experienced and it’s this week’s Wacky Word: pandiculation.




A stretching and stiffening of the back and arms, as when fatigued and drowsy or upon waking, often accompanied by yawning.

November 19th, 2014

Cacoethes – Wacky Word Wednesday

Sometimes it strikes even the best of us: the sudden desire to do something we know is bad for us. It might be the seemingly irresistible urge to call up an ex-partner in the middle of the night or the impulsive and strange thought that it would be fun to break some expensive antiques. We might not feel this very often but at some point most will experience cacoethes.




A sudden and uncontrollable urge, especially for something harmful.