Brand TMZ Report

CSOFT Partners with 4 of the Top 5 Brands in China

or Chinese brands who are interested in expanding internationally, there are many important factors to consider. In fact, in order to successfully ‘go global’, 4 out of the top 5 Chinese global companies and 50% of the brands listed in the report have used CSOFT’s international services. When partnering with these companies, CSOFT uses its cultural and linguistic expertise to overcome the barriers and pre-conceptions that often meet Chinese brands in international markets.


90 Seconds with CSOFT

90 seconds with CSOFT is a collection of 90 second videos that gives viewers a brief and engaging insight into the localization industry. Over the coming months we plan to feature interviews with experts in the industry, a variety of CSOFTers from a number of different departments, and a series of short clips discussing the basics of localization and translation.


“Glocal” versus Global: The Tablet Phone’s Success Story in Asia

To many consumers, “Made in China” has often signified cheap, low quality, or fake. However, now that Chinese-made and Chinese-designed products are hitting the international market, Chinese companies have an opportunity to redefine their international brand by uniquely providing Chinese products that meet international tastes and standards.


Revamping “Made In China”

Less than three decades ago, China produced about 3% of global goods; today, it is the world’s largest manufacturing nation, with its economic output accounting for nearly 25% of global GDP. Dubbed the “factory of the world,” China is now ready to take its next step, transforming its economic infrastructure from a manufacturer of mass quantity, to one of high quality.