Chiara Conte Talks Globalization East West Trend

CSOFT’s Chiara Conte Talks Globalization and East-to-West Trend

To give you an inside peek into CSOFT’s Global Language department, we’d like to introduce you to Chiara Conte, our Assistant Site Manager and Director of Global Languages. Chiara has been working with CSOFT since 2009 and was recently transferred to our branch in Shenzhen, a city full of entrepreneurs and aspiring startups. In this […]

I Translate: Can All Argentinians Dance Tango?

As our I Translate initiative continues, we’d like to introduce you to Marina Ilari, a Spanish translator from Argentina. Always smiling and vibrant, Marina helps us debunk the biggest stereotypes: are Argentinians self-centered, and do all Argentinians really know how to dance the tango? She also tells us how translation allows her to connect with […]

I Translate: Are All Norwegians Blonde, Tall, and Strong?

Our video series featuring CSOFT’s linguists continues with an interview with Erling Dugan. A Norwegian Linguist with over 20 years of experience, Dugan talks about the stereotypes of Norwegians being blonde and tall, and Norwegian names being too difficult to pronounce. He also tells us the one question you shouldn’t ask Norwegian people because it’s […]