Translation Tools in the Cloud: ReviewIT and TermWiki at Silicon Valley’s IMUG

Just last Thursday, the localization and internationalization experts at IMUG hosted an event at Adobe’s headquarters in San Jose in which CSOFT’s Uwe Muegge and Matt Arney presented two of CSOFT’s most recent developments in language technology. Stop on by for a quick recap of the event and more information about translation tools in the cloud.

Akimbo WackyWordWednesday

Akimbo – Wacky Word Wednesday

Do you remember when you were a kid and you did something terrible to anger your mother, at which point she’d fly into your room, put her hands on her hips, and verbally rip you a new one? Well, there’s a word for that ferocious hands-on-hips pose, so if you want to relive some terrifying memories, feel free to stop on by and expand your vocabulary with this week’s edition of Wacky Word Wednesday!

TuesdayTips ThreeQuickLocalizationPointersfromAnnetteHemera

Tuesday Tips – Three Quick Localization Pointers from Annette Hemera

Stop on by to check out three quick tips for getting the most out of your localization budget from one of CSOFT’s expert business development managers and consultants, Annette Hemera. If you’re a translation buyer or document manager, these tips are for you. And if you’ve got any pointers of your own, feel free to share them with the rest of our readers!

TheNewStarbucksLogo OneStepClosertoHardcoreGlobality

The New Starbucks Logo – One Step Closer to Hardcore Globality

Have you heard the news about Starbucks’ new logo? Apparently, there’s a big fuss online because they removed the company’s name and the word “coffee” from the logo, leaving only the iconic representative of their products, the green siren. Fans of Starbucks seemed to be fairly against the change, but it’s possible that the removal of the words from the logo is an important part of Starbucks’ globalization strategy. If you’re interested in international branding, business, or language, you should stop on by and let us know what YOU think about this wordless logo that’s left so many consumers speechless.

Achieving Competitive Business Advantage in the European Market

Petra Held – Achieving Competitive Business Advantage in the European Market

Successful sales strategies in Europe aren’t so simple as offering a good product at a good price. In order to effectively network and sell your products or services in the European market, you need to have an intimate understanding of culture, language, and history in your target market(s). Stop on by and see what Petra Held, a localization expert and business development manager at CSOFT, has to say about the relationship between culture, language, and different sales approaches in Europe.

quo top

Accismus – Wacky Word Wednesday

Have you ever really wanted something but couldn’t bring yourself to admit it? Or worse: have you ever really wanted something, but lied about NOT wanting it? Humans are strange creatures, but hey, the best part about being human is something called human experience, which means that we’ve all been there, done that. In any case, if you’re interested in learning a new word for this psychological phenomenon, be sure to check out this week’s Wacky Word Wednesday! And stop being coy: you know you want to.