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As the day of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding, today is no ordinary day in world history. If you are one of the estimated 2 billion television viewers who will be watching the royal wedding progression from around the world, read on to learn about some fun royal wedding facts, brought to you by!

If you’re not one of the lucky 1,900 guests attending, then perhaps you will be the receiver of a golden ticket, which are invitations sent out to 100 individuals who were randomly selected from the public to enjoy the ceremony alongside Prince William and Kate Middleton’s guests. (No trip to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory with these golden tickets, we’re afraid.)

If you want to congratulate the happy couple, instead of sending gifts, Kate Middleton and Prince William have asked well-wishers to contribute to theircharitable gift fund. The funds will be distributed to one of five causes through Prince William’s Foundation—the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Henry. These five causes have been specifically chosen by Prince William and Kate themselves, which include helping children fulfill their potential, supporting individuals who are enlisted in the services, positively changing lives through arts and sports, providing help and care at home, and supporting the wildlife conservation effort.

After the ceremony at Westminster Abbey, the newlywed couple will travel in the 109-year-old red and gold State Landau royal wedding carriage along Processional Route to Buckingham Palace. If rain showers down on the bride and groom, they will substitute the carriage for the Glass Coach.

As you watch the wedding progression in front of your television and begin to feel a bit hungry, why not call up your local Papa John’s and get a royal pizzato eat as you watch the wedding’s progression. Have your fill of the royal couple by taking a slice of mushroom and cheese from Kate’s wedding dress or biting off a piece of Prince William, topped with salami and peppers.

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And lastly, after all the hype is over and the real adventure begins for the lovely duo, remember this moment with a commemorative royal stamp, featuring Prince William and Kate’s official engagement portraits. If you haven’t already purchased one, perhaps you can find one on eBay—the stamps were sold out within hours of their release on April 21st, 2011.

Happy Friday and congratulations to the royal couple! Don’t forget to head over to for more Royal Wedding terms.

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