TuesdayTips ThreeQuickLocalizationPointersfromDonnaHuang

Tuesday Tips – Three Quick Localization Pointers from Donna Huang

Hey hey! Happy Tuesday morning. If you’ve got a few minutes, stop on by to check out some quick localization tips from one of CSOFT’s very own senior project managers, Donna Huang. If you’re a translation buyer or document manager, these tips are for you. And if you’ve got any pointers of your own, feel free to share them with the rest of our readers!

Project Managers Need More Hugs – An Interview with Jo Zhang

In celebration of International Project Management Day, we want to honor and highlight the accomplishments of Jo Zhang, a dedicated project manager here at CSOFT International. In this featured interview, Jo discusses some of the challenges localization project managers have to deal with on a daily basis — and suggests a simple, quick way of letting PMs (who are absolutely essential to the successful completion of a localization project) know that they’re appreciated. Enjoy!

Mid-Autumn Festival – Bitter-Sweet Love Story in China

The Mid-Autumn Festival has arrived in China. Like the Qixi Festival, it’s yet another celebration of bitter-sweet love. Why do Chinese people like to celebrate unhappy lovers? We can’t say for sure. All we know is that, whenever the Mid-Autumn Festival comes around, you get to eat moon cakes, drink, and star-gaze — and that’s good enough for us.