3 Ways to Improve Localize Strategies in e-commerce

3 Ways to Improve Localization Strategies in e-commerce

While a good portion of international spending comes from North America and Western Europe, e-commerce sales are estimated to grow 44 percent in the Asia Pacific region in 2014. Many global companies are improving their outlook and strategy with e-commerce in an effort to get on top. Engaging in activities like adding more languages, localizing mobile apps and much more…

Capitalizing on the Potential of the Global E-commerce Market

Capitalizing on the Potential of the Global E-commerce Market

In 2016, e-commerce sales in the US reached $396 billion and are predicted to grow to 684 billion by 2020. In China, e-commerce is expected to outstrip the US’s with $1 trillion in e-commerce sales in 2016 growing to $2 trillion by 2019. In other emerging markets like Mexico, where internet and mobile penetration is growing, market potential is increasing.


Global Companies That Use e-commerce To Survive

The rise of e-commerce has inevitable importance as companies branch out across the world and buying focus begins to change from traditional brick and mortar establishments to online marketplaces. In this blog we will explore major global companies that, through recognizing e-commerce as a vital tool, have thrived through its use and development.