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Mondegreen – Wacky Word Wednesday

Hiya everyone! We’re back with more wacky-ness with today’s Wacky Word post. If you’ve ever misheard or misinterpreted song lyrics, then this is the post for you. Check it out to learn about a situation that everyone can relate to: singing along to your favorite song with made-up lyrics. Hey, they’re close enough, right? More at T for Translation, so stop on by today!

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Languages & Cultures: Just because we work with them doesn’t mean we’re sick of them!

Today’s guest blog features Sophie as she talks about her views on language and culture. Born and raised in France, currently residing in sunny California, US, and fluent in French, English, and Japanese, Sophie shares her experience living in Bahrain for a summer. A lot of love for internationalism! Read more about Sophie’s thoughts and impressions today, and don’t forget to leave a comment!