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How Do I Select The Right Technical Translator?

Translators are not just transmitters of information, but rather they are meant to pass along knowledge through meaning, especially in the case of technical translation. When the average person thinks about translation, they consider the difficulty of knowing two languages fluently, but they do not understand the cultural and subject matter intricacies required of translators.

Lnguists on Simply CSOFT

Profiles of CSOFT’s Linguists, Part 3 (Isabelle Verpeaux, Emma Kuo and Taeko Fujiwara]

CSOFT would not be a leading language service provider if it wasn’t for its strong network of more than 10,000 linguists worldwide. That’s why we are excited to reunite with some of our talented translators at the CSOFT Annual Summit next month.  Three more linguists have confirmed their attendance—Isabelle Verpeaux, Emma Kuo and Taeko Fujiwara. […]

Good and Great Translators – An Interview with Chiara Conte

In celebration of International Translation Day, we want to honor and highlight the achievements of Chiara Conte, the Chief Italian Linguist at CSOFT. In this featured interview, Melissa Taing and Chiara enjoy a lively conversation about translation, including misconceptions about translators’ work, and what makes the difference between a good translator and a GREAT translator.