machine translation

Machine Translation: A Statistical MT and Rule-based MT Comparison

Hi everyone! Before you go on to have a great weekend, stop by the blog to check out today’s post on machine translation. We’ll be looking at two types: statistical machine translation and rule-based machine translation. Check it out to learn about the pros and cons, and how machine translation can be used to change the face of translation!

Simplify Translation Management – Simplify Your Life

Hi guys! In today’s blog, Matt Arney talks about the disconnect between what translation buyers need and what localization vendors are selling. This can easily be bridged if LSPs would just embrace the new ideas and technologies that are emerging within the localization and translation services industries. Check it out now to read more about simplifying processes and what CSOFT can offer you so you can emerge with more.

Good and Great Translators – An Interview with Chiara Conte

In celebration of International Translation Day, we want to honor and highlight the achievements of Chiara Conte, the Chief Italian Linguist at CSOFT. In this featured interview, Melissa Taing and Chiara enjoy a lively conversation about translation, including misconceptions about translators’ work, and what makes the difference between a good translator and a GREAT translator.