Chthonic WackyWordWednesday

Chthonic – Wacky Word Wednesday

This week’s wacky word encompasses anything and everything supernatural – deities, celestial beings, spirits, aliens, 100 foot tall dragon-humanoid-squid-headed-madness-inducing-monsters – the whole nine yards really. Check out this week’s wacky word and impress your friends with knowledge about the creature who will bring about the end of the world. Guaranteed, you’ll be the life of the next dinner party you attend.

PaperlessOffice WhyitsaGoodThing

Paperless Office – Why its a Good Thing

This week’s blog entry on T for Translation argues the case for a pan-industry move towards the future, beginning with the elimination of piles upon piles of paper in our offices. We take a look at the benefits of a paperless office, and use the United Kingdom National Health Service’s recent announcement to “go paperless” as a lens through which to explore the argument further.