CSOFT CEO Shunee Yee Speaks with CGTN About How to Win With China

As the final installment in CGTN’s special series about “Global Business in Guangzhou” covering the 2018 Fortune Global Forum, Shunee Yee discussed three major points with two other panelists – where the opportunities are for multinationals working with China, what the best way of globalizing is, and how China and its companies can better engage with the global community.

Five Times Machines Were Hired to Do a Human’s Job

Five Times Machines Were Hired to Do a Human’s Job

For millennials, it’s hard to remember a time when machines weren’t already doing the jobs of humans. After all, almost every daily activity is automated these days; we use machines to withdraw money, buy train tickets, and scan groceries. Machines even answer our queries on the phone, as well as assemble our cars. As a result, […]


In The News: CSOFT to Sponsor Opening Reception at LocWorld29 Silicon Valley

CSOFT International is proud to once again sponsor the Opening Reception of the upcoming LocWorld29 Silicon Valley on October 14th. Back in April, CSOFT kicked off LocWorld27 in traditional Chinese style, inspired by the 1940s Shanghai theme, “Shanghai Soiree.” Since the event, CSOFT has been looking forward to hosting another memorable night, which will kick […]

In The News

In the News: NailO Turns Your Fingernails into Tiny Trackpads, and Electric Smart Pants Steer You Around the City

This week in the news, NailO introduces a wearable input device that allows easy access to content and hardware through the simple tap of a thumb. You’ll also read about Electric Smart Pants, a futuristic navigation system that, quite literally, jolts you in the right direction.  Also, rumor has it blood tests will soon be […]