Dwight Wozich

Dwight Wozich is a long-term American expatriate living in Shanghai, China. Including his current role as a technical editor for CSOFT international, Dwight has over 7 years of combined professional experience working in multicultural environments in "The Middle Kingdom". He currently assists CSOFT’s local Chinese clients in the technology industry to find their voice in international markets through the creation of transcendent marketing and consumer documentation. He frequently enjoys giving impressions of famous people and characters, such as Sean Connery, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Mickey Mouse.

relaxing on the job

Is Complacency Killing Your Marketing

Complacency is easy and comfortable, but in marketing, it alienates consumers.  Always ensure that your product and marketing materials are localized and match the tastes of consumers in your target market. If you find that your product still lacks resonance, reflect on your strategy and retool it. Allow yourself the fun and excitement of learning how to integrate your product into a new and interesting foreign culture. Who knows? You might even make some money in the process.