Erin Strong

Hailing from the proud land of New Zealand, Erin Strong has been dipping her digital pen into the inky depths of China for four years. From refining teaching curriculums in Hebei, to providing in-depth reviews of hot coffee houses for China's capital city mag the Beijinger, Erin would like to think she's made herself as a tradie wordsmith. Now fronting one of CSOFT's Technical Communication channels, she is honing her craft in the domain of technical communication, striving for accurate, clear, and meaningful communication with every sentence.

Setting the Standard... (IEC 82079 European Technical Writing standards)

Setting the Standard… (IEC 82079 European Technical Writing standards)

In relation to technical communicators, standards provide a platform from which to communicate technical ideas at an international level, to an international audience, in the most effective way possible. The idea of standardizing technical communications is relatively new, and still in development, due to the fact that standards are first composed at a voluntary-level with multiple SME contributors. However, the IEC is paving the way for technical communicators to collaborate on issues such as how documentation is optimized.

The Cost of Not Investing In Quality Technical Writing

Technical writing is often an unspoken, and sometimes unheard of, process across business and technology sectors. Many leading R&D centers are bursting with bright spark engineers, sharp-minded designers, and idea generators who make products and services come to life. However, this doesn’t mean that they can explain their product or service accurately or concisely.