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So, blue sky days aren’t all that prevalent here in Beijing. However, a silver lining to the nigh-on perpetual “cloud” hanging over the city is that when blue skies do occur, we’re all that much more appreciative of them. So much so that it’s actually quite difficult to have a bad day – the world just seems like a brighter and happier place. One person with whom this particularly resonates is Justin Wang, our latest interviewee in the series of CSOFT Stories – Justin Wang. Dive on in to this week’s post and see what Justin Wang has to say below.

CSOFT Stories

Tell us about your first experience with CSOFT.

I believe it was about seven or eight years ago when I first got a call from Luna, the HR manager at the time. She was calling regarding a project manager position that I had applied for. At the time I didn’t really know much about localization but I came in for an interview anyway. Laughs. Back then the company was located at the East Gate Plaza, probably about half as big as this office. I interviewed with Jesse [He] and Linda [Liang], who told me about how CSOFT was just getting started and explained what localization entails exactly. It appeared to be a promising industry and it was evident that CSOFT had incredible ambition to grow big. I was intrigued, so I accepted the position.

I also remember, after my interview, I stepped outside and bumped into a passing employee. I asked her, “What do you think about the project manager position?” and she told me it was one of the best jobs in the company, so that was a part of my decision to take the offer as well. Laughs.

CSOFT’s turning 10 this year. What does this milestone mean to you?

First of all, I think it’s a very big achievement. It has been amazing being a part of CSOFT’s evolution and being able to witness developments from the inside. Our growth has been extraordinary.

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It’s also interesting to see how so much of what we believed in [eight years ago] has come true. We’ve moved into bigger offices, expanded our clientele and global reach, and developed remarkable technology. There’s also a lot of pride in being a CSOFTer – the way people carry and conduct themselves – which is quite interesting and special.

We’ve grown more international, with people from all over the world now working in our Beijing office, and with offices around the globe. It’s impressive, really.

What other changes have you witnessed?

Well, not only are we more diverse within the office, but our clients are more diverse as well. CSOFT is very strategic about who joins the team, making sure we hire people with experience, know-how, and creativity. And as more people are hired, we’re able to expand into more industries, which have broadened our portfolio. Our clients come in with more varied requests now, such as testing, consulting, multimedia needs… we’re seeing more and more different requests compared to seven years ago.

The opportunities available have also grown. Everyone who works here is offered a career path. If you can do the job and work hard, you can certainly grow and excel here. It’s a really encouraging and rewarding environment. Smiles.

Justin Wang

In your role as Director of Global Services, what do you see as the key to CSOFT’s success?

I think it’s our people and our attitude. As I always say, we always go the extra mile to help our customers. We’re not just serving people, we’re ensuring their satisfaction. We’re proactively looking for ways to improve on our deliveries and make our clients happy.

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Technology has also played a significant role. Not only has CSOFT invested quite a bit in R&D and developing our own technology, but the founding members all have really strong technological backgrounds. I know we all value the influence of technology in our daily work, improving efficiency and speeding up communication with both each other and our clients.

Where do you see CSOFT headed?

We’re in the middle of a transition. I see us becoming an even more diversified company rather than strictly a localization company. Our positioning in the industry is changing. We’re hearing demands and are eager to develop and grow alongside them. We’re in a place to make bigger moves and bigger decisions. It’s exciting.

If you had to pick a song to represent CSOFT’s 10th Anniversary, what would it be?

Whenever I’m driving to work and the weather’s particularly nice, there’s always this song playing in my head – “Beautiful Day” by U2. I just associate the song with how I feel about coming to work and my mood on my way to work. I really enjoy coming to work! Laughs. I come in and I’m surrounded by passionate, professional people. I’m excited about what’s to come and I’m particularly looking forward to this year’s summit celebration. Smiles.

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