This week, Thync – a U.S. company – has revealed a new piece of wearable technology that will allow you to control your own state of mind, the European Space Agency succeeded in landing a space probe on a comet, Japanese tech company Toshiba unveiled the farm of the future, and 

Forget the Thinking Cap—Put on Your Feeling Cap

Imagine a day free of worries, anxiety, anger or tears. That fantasy may be a reality soon. An American company called Thync has this week revealed that it hopes to start selling a smartphone operated product that will manage how to control your emotions. The device uses proprietary neurosignaling waveforms to induce one of three states of mind: energetic, relaxed, or focused. The company’s cofounder and CSO (Chief Science Officer) Jamie Tyler said, “For some people it would be their third cup of coffee, for some people it would be their afternoon nap.” The energizing effect supposedly makes you feel as if you’ve drunk a Red Bull while one reported said the relaxation mode left him feeling like he’d had a meditation session. Sometime early next year, consumers should be able to get their hands on one of these small, Bluetooth-enabled devices, and then an attitude adjustment will be just a click away. No more meltdowns for adults – we wonder if it will be possible for kids too? What about pets? Guessing anything will be possible in the future.

Rosetta Rendezvous with a Big Space Rock

More than a decade after being launched, the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Rosetta spacecraft came into the orbit of comet 67P in August. In an amazing milestone this week, it successfully placed a lander on the surface of the comet. The lander module – named Philae – has already begun beaming back the very first images of an undertaking that is optimistically slated to last four or five months. The ESA hopes this mission will provide insights into the elemental and molecular structure of comets, thus advancing our understanding of these beautiful celestial bodies.

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The Future of Farming is in the Factory

Toshiba – the Japanese company best known for its TVs – has unveiled a factory farm in Yokosuka, Japan that will grow 3 million heads of lettuce a year without the use of sunlight, soil, or any pesticides, thus making them the most “organic” food available. The factory houses the leafy greens in a near germ-free environment, meaning that they will have a shelf-life comparable to plants that have been chemically treated. The company has plans for similar factories around the world and also hopes to start selling their high-tech equipment that will allow other factories to use similar methods for growing plants.

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