In the modern, ever globalized world, localization services are becoming more important than ever, and project management is a huge part of that. Project management is one of those assets that, when you dont have it, you really realize the importance of it. Almost every project needs someone overseeing it in  order to control the cost, manage the time frame, and ensure that the quality is up to scratch. The Localization Institute’s specialized project management training program is designed to address the skills and certification required to be a successful project manager in the localization field.


The program, that was re-written in 2012, has been providing project management training to individuals for over 20 years working with an array of high profile companies including; IBM, Nokia, Microsoft, and even Google. Participants in the training program have come from 27 different countries since it began and this number is sure to increase in the near future.

The syllabus is based on the internationally recognized project management standard “a Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge” Fifth Edition by the Project Management Institute.  The course consists of a mixture of videos, quizzes, practice tests, and case studies. It is a combination of self-paced online learning modules followed by a two-day, on-site training workshop. The creator and presenter of the course, Willem Stoeller, has over 24 years’ experience in localization, translation, and internationalization of a variety of different sources including marketing materials, software products and web content, making him the ideal person to provide attendees with the certification.

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DSCNThe course is a must for all project managers of localization firms when ensuring quality and on time delivery for translation projects in the future. Please sign up if you are interested in honing your skills in project management.

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