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Living in China, the New Year’s Resolutions we made don’t really start until after Chinese New Years…right? For those of us who made resolutions to get into shape and be healthier in the New Year, unfortunately, we can’t put that off any longer as the holidays are now officially over and it’s time to get ready for spring. Especially in deadline heavy industries – like global communications – it’s easy to get caught up in tasks and forget to stretch our limbs and exercise.

In order to jump-start our CSOFTers’ heart rates and motivate ourselves to get moving after months of indulging on holiday feasts (What even is exercise?), Ruben Payan returned to the CSOFT office once again to “Rubenize” us into shape.

Ruben Payan and meeting resolutions

Ruben Payan

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Ruben is a personal trainer, life coach, entrepreneur, and conqueror of mountains. He received a certificate as a Fitness and Nutrition Coach after serving four years in the United States Marine Corps, and has successfully climbed the Seven Summits of the world. He currently provides quality fitness education through Human in Motion in Beijing. With credentials like that, we know Ruben isn’t messing around when it comes to fitness.

As CSOFTers showed up to our converted gym space, Ruben and his assistant, Mark, welcomed everyone and explained the importance of staying in shape and motivated us that “2017 is the year!”

ruben meeting resolutions

Ruben motivating CSOFTers to get fit

However, there’s no time for chitchat when there’s Rubenizing to be accomplished. Without wasting any time, Ruben sent people jogging around the office to get warmed up.

ruben warm up

“Let me see those arms!”

After a cardio warm-up and stretch, Ruben and Mark introduced a circuit workout routine involving eight stations targeting different muscle groups in our body and testing our balance.

rubenizing and CSOFT's resolutions

“You’ll be feeling it after nine rotations.”


“Pick up the speed!”

What started as a reluctant push back into the world of physical exercise, ended with smiling and motivated out-of-breath CSOFTers. The training finished with a stretch and cool-down session, bringing our hour-long training workshop to a close.

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With days filled with typing emails, creating content for clients, and working on fast deadlines, it’s important to work more than just our minds. As the weather starts to get warmer, CSOFTers will put their newly acquired Rubenization skills to work and get their hearts pumping! Thank you Ruben for keeping your promise to whip us into shape, as we all can’t feel our legs today in the office.