Linguistic AI struggles with analogies, a key aspect of human translation

Learning Without Analogies: Why Linguistic AI Struggles Where Human Linguists Excel

What do human linguists have that linguistic AI doesn’t? No longer a question just for the localization industry and machine translation, how well AI can replace people in communications is a shifting story in the world at large, and often a sensationalist one. A long view of developments suggests the true answer to what AI lacks is much more elusive than any one type of computational power, but the search for a specific mechanism is important not only to computer science but also psychology and biology today, as discovery continues […]

Chemical translations needed for green technologies

Earth Day: CSOFT’s Chemical Translations for Green Technologies

Chemical translations may not sound like an obvious tool needed for environmental sustainability, but in fact, they are a key requirement for the advancement of green industries worldwide. Every year on April 22nd, CSOFT commemorates Earth Day. Reflecting on this year’s theme, ‘Restore the Planet’, CSOFT understands the importance of environmental responsibility and corporate sustainability […]

Scientific translations: vital to antibiotic drug design

The Changing Realm of Scientific Communications: AI Tackles Antibiotic Drug Design

As doctors and researchers develop new antimicrobial substances that can be applied in health care solutions, scientific translations are vital to making these discoveries accessible in global settings. What if it was not doctors and researchers, though, and instead an artificial intelligence generating these kinds of insights? If the answer has to do with where […]

International Women's Day

Celebrating International Women’s Day with CSOFT CEO Shunee Yee: Reflecting on a Challenging Year

As a business leader, and a devoted mother and daughter, Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day are very important to CSOFT CEO and Founder Ms. Shunee Yee, as well as to the CSOFT Family. Last year, we sat down with Shunee to ask her a few questions based on her background and interest in both empowering women as well as improving global health through cross-border communications. Notably, her […]

Sustainable Car Industry with Green Car Localization

Why Green Vehicle Localization is Necessary in the Race to Green the Car Industry

Green vehicle localization will be key to reducing global carbon emissions and greening the car industry. Governments worldwide are setting targets to reduce carbon emissions substantially by 2050 and greening the car industry will require collective global localization and translation efforts. Responding to public pressure and scientific research, the UK, China, and Japan, as well […]