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CSOFT celebrated its annual ‘Kickoff’ meeting this Wednesday, 18th of January, with a host of compelling talks and speeches during the day, followed by a wonderful variety of activities and performances in the evening.

The message behind this year’s Kickoff event focused on a new start and a new dawn for CSOFT, with significant promotions for a number of young and talented staff into senior management positions in CSOFT’s Global Operations team.  CSOFT’s President and CEO, Shunee Yee, began the day by giving a heartfelt and rousing speech that encouraged colleagues to look into the New Year with positivity. The appointment of Philippe Cao as Vice President of Greater China Business and Global Operations was a defining focus point of the day’s proceedings, and he gave a demonstration that positively communicated his vision for the continued growth and success of the company. His promotion signifies a transition of leadership to a successful new generation of young talent leading CSOFT’s future growth and development. There were also presentations given by members of CSOFT’S international Global Operations Committee, including Koji Iwamoto, who talked about CSOFT’s enhanced TM and logistical infrastructure through his team’s development of UbrTa, and Alex Ferreira, who spoke about CSOFT’s Key Account Management Initiative. Additional updates came from members of CSOFT’s Technical Communications Management committee. Yifei  Wu discussed CSOFT’s successful development and refinement of its Technical Communications department, and Joshua Hughman, addressed the potential for the future growth of CSOFT’s Technical Communications services.

After the talks and presentations, CSOFT staff met again in the evening to enjoy an array of different Chinese New Year inspired activities. There was a fair stand for molding candy sculptures by blowing air into hot, melted sugar, and molding it into different animals, and a stand for decorating Chinese Opera masks with all manner of colors and accessories. CSOFT staff also enjoyed working out traditional style lantern riddles that hung from the ceiling, with every right answer winning a prize! After the activities were enjoyed, CSOFT staff tucked into a delicious dinner together.

The final portion of the evening wowed CSOFT employees and guests with a variety of entertainment. There was a magician who performed a number of death defying activities with his beautiful assistant, an acrobatic duo who twisted their bodies into a number of unbelievable shapes and positions, and a performer in ancient Chinese style dress, who performed his rendition of a traditional Chinese ribbon dance. CSOFTers also took to the stage to show off their talents. Sara Liao amazed with her energetic dance routine, Anna Millman impressed all with a traditional Chinese song, Megan Robinson and Kevin Taylor performed a selection of songs together, and Matthew Byrne read his story inspired by CSOFT’s MILK and Cookies Café.

With a day full of positive messages and energy, CSOFTers kicked off the year of the rooster full of optimism for 2017. From its message of a new start to the exciting variety of the performances and activities, this year’s Kickoff meeting left all CSOFTers full of excitement for all their successes to come.

A big thanks to Joanna Ma, Bruno Vedrickas, John Wawrose, Megan Robinson and Sara Liao for their organizational roles in the event!


John Wawrose, Joanna Ma, Bruno Vedrickas, Sara Liao