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CSOFT International is a translation, localization, and global communication services provider that helps international businesses reach out to customers around the world.

How LSPs Can Keep on Truckin’ with Green Tech

As outlined in our recent white paper “Revving for Global Growth: Navigating the Road to Success in Trucking, Transport, and Logistics Localization,” there’s a growing need for Language Service Providers (LSPs) to support innovation in this space, and we’ve noticed a variety of challenges and opportunities on the highways towards an electric and green future […]

AI search translations help ensure brands can reach audiences worldwide using the newest search engines.

Mastering Global AI Search Rankings with AI Search Translations: A CSOFT Guide

In today’s interconnected world, global companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to expand their reach and connect with audiences worldwide, but many may only be starting to grasp the importance of AI search translations when it comes to localizing their web presence for the latest changes sweeping browsers and search engines. Almost overnight, the advent […]

Legal translation will enable companies leveraging AI in corporate law to scale their gains globally.

As AI Enters Corporate Law, Legal Translation and Localization Are Key to Realizing Its Promise

With the rise of artificial intelligence, corporate law may not be the first thing people think of when they imagine its possibilities, but that doesn’t change the serious attention AI is gaining as a driver of change for this burdensome, communications-intensive area of global business. If the recent Thomson Reuters report “Ready or Not: Artificial […]

Seibu Railway is bringing a new kind of translation to travelers at Shinjuku station in Tokyo.

Found in Translation: Tokyo’s Shinjuku Rail Hub Taps VoiceBiz to Help Show the Way in 11 Foreign Languages

Whether you believe translation is becoming more about people or more about technology, there’s little doubt that one of its best uses is bringing more of today’s technology to more people. From a product manual to an interactive start guide, how people understand complex systems communicated across language barriers is nothing short of make-or-break for […]

Generative AI was a hot topic at DIA 2023

Generative AI in Drug Development and Health Care: Exploring the Changing Landscape of Medical Communications at DIA’s 2023 Annual Meeting

In this year of the large language model, how is generative AI impacting the medical world? With this question in mind, CSOFT Health Sciences last month joined innovators from across the life sciences at the Drug Information Association’s 2023 Annual Meeting to explore the changing realm of medical communications, where representatives from an industry prone […]

AI translation is helping distribute crucial information on climate change to activists worldwide

Language Preservation, Climate Action, and LLMs: How AI Translation is Driving Positive Change

Is anyone still looking for proof in 2023 that the future of multilingual communications is at the intersection of human and AI translation? If the rise of voice AI and a multilingual ChatGPT left room for doubt, this week brings compelling new evidence to dispel it, highlighting in especially human terms how technology-driven localization can […]

Terminology management is changing as Microsoft closes its language portal

Terminology Management: How Microsoft Language Portal’s Coming End Reinforces Professional Localization

As the language industry faces profound technological change, service providers of all stripes must be quick to adapt in ways that surprise even the best prepared, and many are now finding that includes even the most fundamental methodologies like terminology management. If the 2019 closure of Google’s Translator Toolkit raised questions about the long-term role […]