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On International Women’s Day, it is important to remember that love is necessary. As a company with an inspiring female leader, here at CSOFT, we take March 8th seriously. International Women’s Day not only celebrates women, but also brings awareness to the challenges women still face in the modern world. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or an ambitious career woman, it’s important to appreciate and spread love to all women, and to celebrate everything we have to contribute, no matter how big or small. 

To celebrate the women of CSOFT and all their contributions and hard work, CSOFT ladies gathered together with some cake and refreshments and had a conversation with our CEO about women around the world, handling work and family, and how we should all embrace ourselves as women and stay true to our hearts.

Happy International Women's Day, ladies!

Happy International Women’s Day, ladies!

International Women's Day celebrations at CSOFT

CSOFT ladies gathering for some well-deserved cake

CSOFT ladies each received a rose for International Women's Day

A rose for every CSOFT lady


Shunee Yee, CEO of CSOFT

Q: What are the differences between Western and Eastern women’s values?

Yee: I don’t believe there is a right or wrong choice when it comes to priorities and values. I believe values are actually an individual choice and attitude. From my personal observation, Western women have a a strong value of “self” and pursue independence. They also have a spirit and need for self-satisfaction. A woman from the East, due to the impact of traditional Chinese culture, will value and prioritize family, fulfilling a duty and sacrificing for their families. Ultimately, we as women all have similar desires, just with different priorities, and neither is right or wrong.

Q: With more and more modern-day women beginning to focus on their careers and their own businesses, how do you suggest they balance between career and family?

Yee: I think the most important thing is to have a very clear understanding about what kind of life you want, plan for it, and to understand your role and position at any given stage. You might find yourself prioritizing different things at different stages in your life, and that is perfectly okay. Maybe at a certain stage of your life, your children will need to come first, and as a result, you put more energy into the family. In another stage, career or work may require all your time and energy and require you to go all out. Then you may need to sacrifice family time, but it’s very important to have a support system and to be able to be prepared for any obstacles and consequences.

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Q: What is your motivation that keeps you going?

Yee: Depending on the stage in your life, motivation may come in different forms. When I was young, I wished for a successful career because success can bring you a lot of benefits such as higher positions, better salaries, and social status. But now, my motivation is very simple. What brings me joy is seeing our employees at CSOFT make progress and achieve growth. My vision for CSOFT is not only a successful company, but also a mighty company. It is charismatic, trustworthy, and respected. I think CSOFT truly possesses these characteristics. However, ultimately, whatever your motivation is, make sure it is motivating you towards something that pleases your heart.

Q: As a female leader, you must face a lot of pressure. How do you relieve your stress?

Yee: Everyone needs the “magic” that grounds you again, away from all the stress in your life. Many people like to relieve stress by shopping, working out, or having fun with some girl friends. While I love all of those as well, sometimes we don’t have the luxury to pause everything and take time to really wind down.

In order to handle stress, I think it is necessary to have a full understanding of your own role and to be prepared to face the consequences and stress of your decisions. That way, you can be prepared and ready to bear the pressures it brings.

It is so important to find the little joys in life to keep you going. In the past, whenever I faced heavy stress or pressure,  I would read to decompress, especially legends from different cultures. These days, I like to cherish the little moments such as cooking with my family and eating together, or just having a ten-minute personal conversation with the young and talented people of CSOFT. It’s a great way to relax, relieve stress, and take a moment to center myself again.

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Q: On International Women’s Day, what advice do you have for working women?

Yee: Be prepared. Understand how far you’re willing to push yourself, what your goals are, and then be honest with yourself and prepare for it. It is so important to center yourself and focus on things that are in your control.

For women, the workplace will bring many obstacles, but we must approach work with an understanding and acceptance of the differences between men and women. Although everyone’s role in the workplace is usually judged by ability and women need to work and fight just as hard as men, we should not ignore and hide what makes us women. We need to be okay with showing weakness and vulnerability at times, as this allows us to grow stronger and withstand more obstacles. Try not to focus on negative things outside of your control, but rather focus on what you can control in order to minimize wasted emotions. All the effort that you put in, and all the setbacks you may experience, is all part of the growing process as a woman, and a way to mold us into being the best we can be. Vulnerability isn’t a weakness, it is courage.

Q: Do you have any recent good reads to recommend?

Yee: A great book I’ve read recently is “The Wealth of Humans” by Ryan Avent. The book delves into how A.I. and the Digital Revolution will affect the future of the world’s political system, lifestyles, and society. Technological change is inevitable and we must be prepared. Who knows, maybe in the future women will be even more powerful!

On that note, we look forward to International Women’s Day celebrations at CSOFT to come!