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While wearable technology products and smartphone apps to monitor your every move are already widely available, it makes you wonder what kind of gadgets 3D printing will be able to produce next. The answer is simple: whatever you want. Watches no longer solely tell the time; they now have James Bond-esque capabilities, meaning there’s no escape from being in touch with the world. But for those wanting to be on the front line of both fashion and technology, the  past few years have seen the popularity of 3D printers rise exponentially; this is an investment that could revolutionize both your life and your wardrobe.

3d printing

The concept of wearable technology has taken a turn in a new direction, now providing you the means with which to make your own bespoke wearables. Imagine a world where you can get custom-made underwear in the exact size, shape and color for that backless evening dress you bought on a whim, and a pair of shoes so comfortable they feel like they were made specifically for your feet. The good news is you no longer need to wait for that day. Jewelry, make-up, shoes, the entire fashion collections are now being 3D printed; this means everyday fashion enthusiasts have the opportunity to truly experiment. You can now adopt the newest technologies to embrace your individualism and fill those specific gaps in the fashion market.

For someone with little to no experience with computer aided design programs, the concept of 3D printing may be a little daunting and printers certainly aren’t the cheapest things on your Christmas wish list. The idea of printing your own clothes might not appeal to everyone, but for those who still mourn that favorite piece, worn all too often—something you’d love to re-purchase but can’t—technology has handed/offered you the solution. As things stand, you can download a file and press “print” to get a new cell phone cover in a matter of minutes; but the day of printing custom-fit, ready-to-wear clothing needing only to input a few measurements and press ‘go’ will be here sooner than you can say little black dress.

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