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This week in the news, there is more progress regarding 3D printers and 3D printing translations as the prospect of printing human skin arises. As well as this, a Taiwanese company launches a new form of e-bike with a swappable battery and the self-proclaimed “safest” place to store your most valuable information was broken into.

L’Oreal to Use 3D Printers and 3D Printing Translations to Print Human Skin

Whether you know it or not, L’Oreal has been making skin for decades. This has been primarily used to test cosmetic products such as anti-ageing moisturizers without having to undergo human testing, however experts believe it will be possible to print human skin in the next five years. Growing skin is said to be a long and arduous process, with the prospect of printing skin being a much quicker and easier alternative. Cosmetic companies such as L’Oreal are researching making this change as the technology advances.  It could also prove to be helpful in a medical sense, as printing skin is being considered as a way to treat burn victims in the future.

3D Printing Advancing E-bikes with Localized Swappable Battery

Taiwan is a country that is absolutely mad on e-bikes, so much so that there are approximately 15 million of them on the road, with the population of Taiwan being just 23 million. This week, Gogoro released what they call the “smartscooter,” the first scooter to have swappable batteries. This means owners will never have to wait for their battery to be charged, but just swap it each time at one of the Gogoro charging stations. The two easily removable batteries allow the scooter to travel for about 60 miles (97km) before they need to be swapped at a Gogoro station, the catch for customers being that this is the only way the batteries can be recharged. However, if there are enough stations and they are swapped efficiently, this could be the future of e-bikes.

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Password Safe House not so Safe After All

Other news that emerged this week gave us a clear message: No one is safe from hackers. In a quite bizarre and painfully ironic story, password storing company LastPass announced that hackers broke into their computer system and obtained access to user email addresses, password reminders and encrypted versions of people’s master passwords. Many users cancelled their accounts with this password “protection” company as they recommended that continued users change their “master password” immediately.

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