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CSOFT’s 11th Annual Summit 2015 has come and gone. This year, the CSOFT Summit was centered around the theme “Innovations in the Sharing Economy,” and focused on how technology and innovation are transforming the world. The Annual Summit 2015 featured two successful keynote speakers: Marisa Drew of Credit Suisse Investment and Bill Powell of Newsweek.

A Look Back at CSOFT Summit 2015

The ever popular Man vs. Machine debate asked speakers to answer an array of deep and terrifying questions such as “How long until machines take over human jobs?” It forced listeners to consider and compare a machine’s ability (or inability) to be creative. “How does a machine translate a human’s emotion?” CSOFT CEO Shunee Yee asked panelists.

Great Debate

CSOFT also launched the I Translate, I Transform campaign at this year’s Summit which aims to celebrate linguists worldwide and raise awareness about the importance of language. (Read more about the I Translate campaign and competition here.)

I Translate Launch

The CSOFT Shake It Off party, which immediately followed the Summit, was a huge success. CSOFTers and guests alike had the opportunity to dance, converse and unwind while enjoying the music of popular Beijing band Tavey Lean & The Solid Gold Dream Machine. There was even a surprise performance when some of CSOFT’s own employees performed a “Shake It Off” cover. The party, which encouraged guests to “shake off” their stress, was the perfect ending to a day full of learning and sharing ideas.

A Look Back at CSOFT Summit 2015

Team Building weekend was a highlight for many CSOFTers. Hosted at the Kempinski Villas on APEC Island, the weekend provided a relaxing and refreshing environment for conference goers. CSOFT employees and guests alike enjoyed a relaxing walk by the river in Sheng Tang Yu village as well as a number of fun games, giving CSOFTers a great opportunity to learn more about one another. There was also a special visit from a dear friend of CSOFT, Ruben Payan, on Saturday morning for intense fitness session overlooking the mountains and rivers. This session has become a famous ritual amongst employees in which the newer members of staff become “Rubenized” by completing a tough circuit. Surrounded by the green scenery, attendees were able to get away from the busyness of the city and enjoy one another’s company and CSOFT culture.

Team Building

The CSOFT team is extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to come together and celebrate another year together. Having returned reenergized and motivated, it’s safe to say we can hardly wait until next year!


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