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With the impending Big Data revolution alongside incredible advances in robotics and artificial intelligence (A.I.), an estimated 47% of jobs are at risk of being automated out of existence within the next 10 years—though some experts put that figure far higher. At the same time, though, the latest wave of technological revolution is sure to create a host of new careers. In today’s Simply CSOFT, we’ll explore the likely – and some not-quite-so-likely – job openings of 2030 and the future.

Big Data revolution: Workplace Translations

Alternative Currency Banker – You might bank and trade in dollars today, but the future could look very different. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Amazon Coins, and other so-called “alternative” currencies are on the rise. According to Javelin Strategies, over 20% of all online trades are already using these corporate-backed monies and with the Internet’s decentralized infrastructure, it might only be a matter of time before the alternative currency bank is born – along with the alternative currency banker.

3D Food Printing Chef – Imagine a traditional Italian pizza with perfectly baked bread and crust, a tomato sauce blended with just the right balance of sweet and spice, and mozzarella so fresh it tastes like it just came out of the dairy, all made to order. 3D printed food has already made headlines but, so far, it’s been a lousy alternative to the real thing – that’s going to change. In the near-ish future, 3D food printing chefs will take your order in an entirely new way, translating your request and your apparent mood into entirely unique recipes tailored to your tastes.

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Body Designer – Plastic surgery is nothing new (one 5000 year-old Egyptian medical text describes how to fix a broken nose) but soon modern day procedures will look as outdated as the oldest techniques. Advances in 3D modeling and medical printing in combination with hyper-precise robotic surgeons will allow the world’s vainglorious to pick and choose every aspect of their appearance, transforming themselves however they like. Be prepared for an army of Brad Pitts and Angelina Jolies.

Memory Augmentation Therapist – Good times and bad times may only be experienced once but the memories they create live on. Think about your last vacation or moment of embarrassment and the feelings can come right back; but what if you could pick and choose which memories you wanted? Scientists can already selectively erase and reactivate memories in mice, and with the fastest computers of the future, they’ll be able to do it in humans, too. A quick trip to your local memory augmentation therapist will make you forget about the girl who broke your heart or give the experience of globetrotting without ever having had to leave your bedroom.

There’s an increasing consensus among economists, data scientists, engineers, and businesspeople that there’s a wave of radical changes coming to the labor market thanks to radical changes in technology, but these changes don’t have to be scary. They may end up being just the thing that creates the job you’ve always wanted – as long as you can imagine it.


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