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October 9th brought with it a harmonious clash of silk ties and dusty work boots, sleek glass doors against barren walls, temporary folding chairs and unpacked boxes – a fitting juxtaposition for the opening day of CSOFT’s U.S. headquarters in San Francisco, CA. While CSOFTers huddled around laptops and Starbucks coffees perched atop a plastic folding table, there was palpable excitement in the office. With the same-day construction of all office desks, the breathtaking view from the conference room window, the rotating cast of interviewees, and even flybys of stealth fighter jets in town for Fleet Week, it was quickly apparent that the San Francisco office will be one of constant excitement.

The day started with CEO Shunee Yee just returning from speaking at the Fortune Most Powerful Women event the day before, where she was featured in a panel about scaling and failure in business. Without taking a moment to catch her breath, Shunee was in the new San Francisco office, supporting the team as it interviewed a flurry of candidates while finding time to meet with local leaders like ChinaSF, with whom we hope to partner as we expand our East to West cultural consulting service offerings. And if that wasn’t enough, an invite from The White House landed in Shunee’s inbox that afternoon to join President Obama’s senior advisors for a special gathering of a select group of women business leaders.

That evening, the team capped the day with a celebratory staff dinner at which Vice President Matt Arney presented Shunee with the San Francisco office’s first check from a local CSOFT client. Shunee fondly reminisced about the early days of CSOFT, with just a handful of people crammed into a small two-bedroom apartment, celebrating their first $50.00 USD. While the comparison was apt, she also commented on how she never would have dreamed that a mere 11 years later, CSOFT would be opening its U.S. headquarters in the heart of downtown San Francisco – in a stunning new office space, no less.

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The writing of CSOFT’s next chapter has officially commenced. Let the story begin!

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