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Who’s Coming on Halloween Night?

Tonight is Halloween Night. It is really exciting.

Little Pumpkin hid behind the door and waited for his friends anxiously. Father Pumpkin, Mother Pumpkin, Grandpa Pumpkin, Grandma Pumpkin and Big Pumpkin did not notice his absence – they were busy making Pumpkin cake. Following traditions, Little Pumpkin’s family was celebrating the festivities by carving jack-o’-lanterns to light up the front garden. Little Pumpkin was frightened by this tradition and hoped his friends would come soon.

As Little Pumpkin continued to wait for his friends, a pair of black cats came knocking at the door, “Trick or treat!” they screamed, dressed in their Halloween costumes. Little Pumpkin nervously passed the two cats his favorite candies, and said with a strong voice, “Go away, I am waiting for someone else”.

Suddenly, the CSOFT Witch wearing her pointed hat appeared in front of the door smiling, “Is it me you are waiting for, little one? I will help you, come, come with me!”

Little Pumpkin answered softly, “Please leave me alone, CSOFT Witch, I won’t go with you, I am waiting for someone else.” Then, Little Pumpkin started to cry- he realized he did not know the way to where his friends were and how to meet them.

“Don’t cry little one. As I am the CSOFT Witch, I will help you. All you need to say is, ‘CSOFT’ very loudly, and I will help you meet your friends immediately,” she said with a smile.

Little Pumpkin considered his options. He did not know the region surrounding his family’s house and admitted he would need help to meet his friends. “Okay… CSOFT!” Little Pumpkin said happily.

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The CSOFT Witch smiled and waved her wand. When Little Pumpkin opened her eyes, she was finally with her friend Butternut Pumpkin. When Butternut Pumpkin saw Little Pumpkin she screamed excitedly, “Little Pumpkin, quick, we are all waiting you in the field, you’re late!”

Butternut Pumpkin took Little Pumpkins hand, and they ran to the field together. Little Pumpkin was so excited with what she saw – many pumpkin friends were linking their vines together and dancing under the moonlight. The group of friends were singing and swirling all night long to the songs played by the Pumpkin Band on the nearby stage.

Before falling asleep that night, Little Pumpkin whispered to herself, ‘Thank you CSOFT Witch!’


Written by: Bixia (Jane) Chen
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