in Life at CSOFT

There was a real sense of friendliness and warmth in the CSOFT offices yesterday as CSOFT employees gathered together to enjoy a delicious turkey lunch.


Employees from all departments fell upon the feast, with delicious turkey, mash potato, salad and of course, dollops of gravy and cranberry sauce.


This is obviously a common experience for our American staff, who enjoy the occasion as an important American holiday. For our staff of other nationalities, it was a rare and intriguing treat to try the scrumptious food and celebrate and give thanks for the things that we love in our lives.



In the Beijing office, the staff from all departments sat along the long table of the Hallelujah mountains conference room and ate together, the mood enhanced by the video of a roaring fire on loop.


The staff collectively enjoyed the chance to share time with each other and welcome new colleagues into the CSOFT family.



The same can be said for the Shanghai and Shenzhen offices, with staff all tucking into delicious turkey lunches and enjoying each other’s company.



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