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It was a chilly October night on Friday the 28th and CSOFT employees were busy finishing their work and preparing for the weekend ahead. But, as the ghostly masks, glaring pumpkins, and ghastly rags appeared around the room, it became clear that that this wasn’t a normal Friday night at the office. CSOFT offices all around the world had a wonderful time celebrating this year’s Halloween with a host of spooky and fun activities.


This year’s Halloween bash consisted of three creepy contests and CSOFTers teamed up competing for cash prizes throughout the night. Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen offices had decided to face off in a frenzied decoration battle featuring a secret, pre-assigned theme.  Each team spent long days and nights decorating their assigned part of the office into a darkly delightful and horror-filled scene. Our judges were faced with a difficult decision – who would the spooky winners be? After a long night of bloody sweat and tears, the decision was made…


Shenzhen’s MILK & Cookies Café features a new menu, and there’s enough cardboard to feed an army. Whether you want cardboard cookies, cardboard sandwiches, or just to sit in a cardboard room, MILK & Cookies can make it happen.


On the day of the city’s biggest beauty contest, one of our contestants went to the most famous plastic surgeon in town.  She was expecting to pop in quickly for a facial procedure or two, but found herself trapped in the aluminum walls of horror. In the end, she accepted her aluminum-filled fate and went on to become CSOFT’s Miss Living Dead.


In the fight for best costume, CSOFTers showed off their creativity . We had everything from Ming-era ghosts to walking garbage bags and some amazing face painting skills on show.


Meanwhile, the offices were quickly transformed into haunted houses with gory rags hanging off walls and ghoulish operating rooms. The night ended with the pumpkin carving contest as CSOFTers showed off their artistic side. In CSOFT’s worldwide headquarters, Beijing, the night ended with the office coming together in the MILK and Cookies Café to hear a twisted tale of the origin of this international place of solace.

The Legend of MILK and Cookies and the Old Pumpkin Woman with Purple Hair.

By Matthew Byrne

Thousands of years ago, in the place where Milk and Cookies once stood, there was an old shop with a old woman that sold the best fruits in town, in the back of her shop, deep in the cellar she grew her very special fruits – These fruits were magical and could change the people that ate them to help them do incredible things, one man that ate her apples became the Emperor of China, another man that ate the oranges built miles of the great wall all by himself. The old woman ate her own special fruits to help her live longer but the side effects of the fruits gave her very purple hair. They used to call her… the old woman with the purple hair.


The most special fruits that she grew, the most magical and the most dangerous were her pumpkins. If you took one bite of a pumpkin you could run faster than a cheetah, if you ate another bite of one of her pumpkins, you could make anyone fall in love with you, the pumpkins made you famous, the pumpkins gave you wealth. A few years ago, before milk and cookies became Milk and Cookies, an old woman with purple hair came to Shunee and asked if she could start her own café. Shunee agreed, and soon the old woman opened a café called… Pumpkin Café. All of the TC staff, all of the corporate services staff, all of the marketing staff ate in Pumpkin Café. They ate so much that they couldn’t leave, they sat there and grew roots, their skin became orange and they started to turn into pumpkins. Soon the old woman was caught and locked in the IC room, but she disappeared before anyone could question her, or so they said…  Everyone forgot the pumpkin lady after a while and went about the busy business of localization, but what they didn’t tell you is what they found when they opened the IC room. A terrible secret:

img_2778So from now on, whenever you decide to indulge in the delicious treats of Milk and Cookies, its best to leave the pumpkin pie well alone.

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CSOFT Shenzhen


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