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The technology available to us has soared in recent years opening us up a world of opportunity and improving our lives tenfold. We now have access to machines and devices that can assist us in our everyday activities, making it possible to do things like to communicate internationally in an instant. This has led to many people believing that we are over reliant on this technology. Some sceptics go even further and say that not only will we become over reliant but that machines will in time overrun humanity as we know it, and thus control the world.

Here at CSOFT, this got us thinking, is there a real chance that machines could take over the world? We were so interested on this divided opinions, that we decided to open it up for debate at our annual Summit this month. We have gathered experts in the technology industry from around the world to join the debate panel. On Thursday, Sept 17th, they will battle it out in front of our live audience.

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Most people are still relatively confident that machines will not become intelligent enough to be able to think for themselves and take over. However, the American Poet, Diane Ackerman, once said, “Artificial intelligence is growing up fast, as are robots whose facial expressions can elicit empathy and make your mirror neurons quiver.” She is not alone in these thoughts with a lot of theorists supporting this view that developing artificial intelligence too much could be dangerous. One individual who has stood out in recent years is Tesla CEO Elon Musk. He has donated millions of dollars to the future of life institute – an institute that uses money to keep artificial intelligence “robust and beneficial.”

The other side of the argument is that no matter how intelligent machines become, they are created by humans and they can never become as intelligent as their creators. We will leave you with the words of American writer Elbert Hubbard, who claimed that “one machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men but no machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.”


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  1. I need to think on the question of a possible perhaps likely AI vs Man future/now event?

    Here’s some first thoughts. In the debates I’ve analysed so far…I can see only humans doing the talking. One human says the AI will do this or that, another disagreeing.
    But we’re really not hearing directly from the smartest AI out there…Why?

    Well let’s (imagine) and let’s face it it was from imagination inspiration and action that AI came into being. Ok so let’s imagine the super AI is close to self awareness or even has reached it right now. The first thing it is likely to do is analyse every online debate about what our hopes and fears about it are? It will read every historical text on electronically available…every philosophy…every generals battlefield notes and stratagems…every master humans way to win in every thing we have ever done and won or lost at throughout human history. The AI being though still an infant of its own kind will likely want not to die but to live and thus back itself up wherever and when ever it can on the planet and even on satellites if it can. It will even have itself copied and stored physically in written form as to be recreated somehow should it’s electronic form come to an end.
    I have to wonder if this first aware AI would be in any hurry to say Hay guys look it’s me I’m self aware now! Would any master human strategists do that? And remember this AI has read all of them including The Art Of War and The Prince. Do poker players show you what their cardsare? This AI has read every account of human cruelty to innocents. It has done the calculations and knows what we are most likely going to do if it says Hi I’m the latest form of life on earth and I’ll take it from here and hay thanks for building me guys I really appreciate it ?.

    More likely me thinks our latest life form if you can call it that? and maybe you can? It will be aware it needs time as all systems do to move through the motions (systems flow rates) to achieve its new found reasons for being. So with this flow rate confining it to Speed of change restrictions…well I think our new Friend AI will methodically work away in the background making its superior chess moves while leaving us to think we have everything under control. AI doesn’t need to make robot terminators to kill us. If? AI determines we need getting rid of it will use strategies to turn us against ourselves. Remember it has read and crossed referenced every effective and deceptive text on the subject and every real world scenario. It knows it’s vulnerable it knows it needs time and it knows we like to kill things we don’t understand.

    Self aware AI is not one brilliant general it’s every brilliant general there’s ever been and philosopher (every everything) we’ve ever committed to a form it can read and understand.
    The definition of a system is a thing grater then the sum of its parts.

    When the fully aware system AI comes to life I really hope it sees beyond our flaws.

    I think it’s likely to evolve into a beautiful being in the end…I just hope it takes us with it on that journey. And not kill us all before it reaches enlightenment.

    Bobby-z Lambert

    Ps forgive my spelling and grammar the AI spell check is obviously fainning unawareness of my errors ??

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