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Phrontistery – Wacky Word Wednesday

On today’s Wacky Word Wednesday, a weekly celebration of the wackiest and most interesting words from around the world, we will talk about the art of meditation.

Today’s word is:

quo top phrontistery


A place for thinking or study

quo bot phrontistery

Phrontistery finds its origin in the ancient Greek word phrontisterion, meaning a thinking shop. The Greek word phrontist applies to a philosopher, a deep thinker or someone with intellectual pretension, and the verb phrontizein means to reflect. According to Oxford Dictionaries, phrontistery means a school or other educational institution. It can also mean a place for thinking, contemplating, or studying. Phrontistery was invented by Aristophanes, an Athenian playwright, in the 5th century to ridicule the school of Socrates.

Other than a place to study, phrontistery can also be a place for reflection and meditation. Relaxation techniques such deep breathing, meditation, rhythmic exercise and yoga can not only calm your mind, but it can also curb the cravings associated with addictions. Recent studies have shown that the more smokers meditated, the less they indulged in their cravings. Other benefits of meditation include lower heart rate, reduced anxiety, increased memory and learning capabilities. You might be surprised to learn that your phrontistery doesn’t need to be completely silent. After all, this exercise is designed to help you tune out distractions and allow you to experience tranquility no matter what’s going on around you.

And now we will leave you with some examples of phrontistery:

  • This brings me to a wider discussion about how universities should stop thinking they are money-making training enterprises, and should rather be phrontisteries that encourage creativity and innovation. (Oxford Dictionaries)
  • Strepsiades is anxious that his son should go to the phrontistery and acquire this art, so as to help him to get rid of his debts. (The Clouds of Aristophanes)

So tell us, what is your favorite phrontistery?

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