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The TermWiki bee has been busily buzzing around this summer, working hard to provide users with new and improved additions to the world’s fastest growing social learning network. Below is a recap of what’s new at TermWiki:

    1. TermWiki speaks with the pronunciation feature available in 20 languages

As a social learning network, one TermWiki’s long-terms goals is to provide users with access to a variety of learning tools. We understand that everyone has different approaches to learning and work hard to demonstrate our understanding of this. The pronunciation feature offers additional support to learners by allowing users to hear how a term is pronounce in twenty different languages, including major world languages, such as English, French, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, German, and Japanese.

    1. The Wall is a one-stop shop that makes it easy for users to see all of the latest updates on TermWiki.

Recent visitors to TermWiki may have noticed the website’s welcome page was recently restructured to include the TermWiki Wall. The Wall allows visitors to see the latest updates to the site via a real-time feed, including term and translation contributions, new questions or answers to AnswerBea, the latest forum post, announcements, new additions to the community, etc.

Users signing into TermWiki will be referred back to the traditional homepage. By simply clicking on the TermWiki logo on the top, left-hand corner of the page, users will be able to get back to the Wall. Clicking on the home logo below the TermWiki logo will bring users to the traditional homepage.

    1. Groups is the most recent development that acts as an effective channel for TermWiki users to find community members who share similar interests.
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TermWiki’s Groups feature allows users to create or join groups based on a particular hobby, organization, or topic of expertise. Users interested in spearheading a group will need to provide some additional details about the group profile. Network creators are also able to decide whether the group is open to all users, registered users or specific members only. This supplementary step was created to provide users with flexible options to create a space specific to their needs.

A cartoon depiction of TermWiki bees, demonstrating different groups of interest.
    1. Win a free iPad2!

Last but certainly not least, one of the most exciting announcements from TermWiki this summer is a contest open to all TermWiki members. To encourage a closer community network, the contest will award a free iPad2 to the user with the most fans by September 1, 2011. With a bit over two weeks left, there’s still time to bulk up your fan base!

For more detailed information, please see here.

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