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The modern classroom is no longer defined by four walls and an instructor. Instead, classrooms are now the subway, the backyard, the local coffee shop. Simply, E-learning allows education to take place anywhere you might need it.The-3-Benefits-of-E-Learning

The traditional classroom is just that – traditional. With the evolution of new technology, we are ushering in an age where being mobile and flexible is more important than ever.  E-learning (sometimes referred to as online learning), is the future of education. Once a niche industry, it is now estimated that 77% of U.S. based companies use E-learning as part of their employee training regimens. In addition, it is believed that by 2016, over 65% of students will have taken at least one online course in their schooling career. E-learning is here to stay, and for that reason, we want to give you three reasons why we think its great:

1. It’s more effective:

According to recent studies, online learning has been shown to improve student test scores and has been linked to greater  knowledge retention.  E-learning makes it possible for students to learn in a variety of ways and have their coursework tailored to fit their personal learning style. With 24/7 access, students can review their lessons whenever they want to, leading to a 60% long-term retention rate — much higher than traditional learning methods.

2. It’s less expensive:

Money should never be a hurdle anyone has to cross in order to learn. Without the need to spend money on an instructor, a textbook, or the costs involved with travelling to a classroom, online learning helps thwart the traditional barriers of education. E-learning provides the resources necessary to give everyone the opportunity to learn at a high level and a low cost.

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3. It’s mobile:

E-learning offers the ability to learn when you want and where you want. The modern student has a job, a family, and responsibilities that require care and commitment. E-learning allows these students to be flexible with their learning schedule and allows them to learn at their own pace. A classroom shouldn’t be another obstacle, it should be a tool to produce the best possible environment to help propel you to the next level.

By removing the traditional obstructions, E-learning provides people around the world opportunities to education. To learn more about E-Learning and CSOFT’s ability to help tailor your E-learning strategy to your local language and culture, visit our Website.

To learn more about CSOFT’s passion for equal education, click here to learn more about our connection to the Let Girl’s Learn initiative which aims to allow adolescent girls around the world with equal rights to education.

Written by Patrick Keefe Technical Writer at CSOFT International
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