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The Transition from e-Learning to m-Learning

The terms e-learning and m-learning (m for mobile) are often used interchangeably, but they remain quite distinct in their scope. Whereas e-learning transformed conventional methods of instruction by enabling students to learn from their home or office, m-learning, generally regarded as a branch of e-learning, is further revolutionizing how we learn by making education available […]


3 Reasons Why e-Learning Fails

E-learning is a great tool for many companies, and we have discussed its many benefits before. However sometimes when it is not carefully planned, e-learning fails to achieve its purpose, wasting precious time and resource.  To ensure success, it’s important to avoid the following mistakes when preparing your curriculum: The Wrong Strategy When initially planning your e-learning […]

Using E Learning to Maintain Brand Values While Going Global

Using E-Learning to Maintain Brand Values While Going Global

As a company that is in the wondrous, but often pitfall-laden transition of going global, you may wonder, “How can we, as a company, retain the personal-touch and uniqueness of our brand without the hands-on benefit of actually being onsite?” While there are many strategies that can maintain your brand values abroad, enlisting E-learning as […]


5 Tips for Localizing Your eLearning

In today’s dynamic workplace, what may sound like simple tasks often require certain skills and industry knowledge. This means that offering your team high-quality and effective training is crucial to their success, and that of your company. However, providing this training can be costly and time consuming. It’s also difficult to guarantee that the same […]