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90 Seconds With CSOFT

90 seconds with CSOFT is a collection of 90 second videos that gives viewers a brief and engaging insight into the localization industry. Over the coming months we plan to feature interviews with experts in the industry, a variety of CSOFTers from a number of different departments, and a series of short clips discussing the basics of localization and translation.

90 Seconds With CSOFT

Matthew Interviews Huang Youyi

90 Seconds with CSOFT started as a short but focused review of a number of companies across Shenzhen and while it will continue to exist in this format, the 90 seconds concept has also expanded and evolved far beyond just analyzing companies but the entire industry as a whole.

90 Seconds With CSOFT

Bruno Interviews Jesse He

There are always wide arrays of professionals across a number of industries that attend CSOFT’s illustrious annual summit. This year, in Shanghai, the CSOFT team managed to speak to a number of these extinguished guests to discuss the growth and development of the summit, and the importance of language and translation.

90 Seconds With CSOFT

Bruno Interviews Lisa McVicker


Here at CSOFT, we pride ourselves on producing high quality content that not only raises awareness of the localization industry, but also outlines the importance of the industry. With 90 seconds with CSOFT, we aim to create watchable, engaging, and informative content, so stay tuned to catch our videos coming soon!

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