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Senior Marketing Associate Bruno Vedrickas and CSOFT's Annual Summit

We caught up with Senior Marketing Associate Bruno Vedrickas who let us know his thoughts about last year’s CSOFT Summit and his thoughts and feelings about how this year’s 2016 CSOFT Annual Summit will go down.

How would you describe the CSOFT Annual Summit to someone who has never been before?

The summit is just a collection of inspiring and interesting talks and discussions in every direction. For people in the industry such as myself, you kind of get this kid in a candy store feeling of having so many things you want to attend and they are all happening at the same time!


Can you retell a particular highlight from last the 2015 CSOFT Annual Summit?

For me personally, my highlight was presenting CSOFT’s I Translate campaign to all the attendees because it was something that we worked so hard prior to the summit and to get the chance to present that myself to such an illustrious collection of industry experts was very special. However, if I HAD to pick something that wasn’t presented by me… I really enjoyed the talk by Marissa Drew from Credit Suisse. She spoke about how robotics will affect our future and I found that absolutely fascinating.


Did anything surprise you about last years Summit? Anything there that you didn’t expect to be?

The famous Friday night party surprised me a lot actually. I mean I knew that there would be a Friday night party but the degree of planning that went into it and the emotional speeches throughout were amazing. It was a really classy affair.

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And coming onto this 2016 CSOFT Annual Summit, how are you feeling about it being in Shanghai?

I am very excited. I lived in Shanghai for a year when I was younger and I love the city. It is a great location for such a prestigious event. That combined with the recent opening of Shanghai Disney makes me feel like it couldn’t be anywhere else.


What are you most looking forward to in the 2016 CSOFT Annual Summit?

Seeing a lot of the familiar faces from previous summits is always nice but I also am looking forward to welcoming a lot of new people into the fold and showing them what the CSOFT summit is all about. I heard that there will be a redo of the man vs machine debate that stole the show last year so that is definitely something I will be keeping an eye out for too!

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