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A CSOFT Guide: Work from Home Productively

Millions of people around the world have transitioned to working from home this year in light of the pandemic. With a team of over 10,00 linguists and subject matter experts, many CSOFTers actually work from their home offices all over the world. This year, some CSOFTers have reflected upon their remote working habits and collectively constructed a list of seven easy steps to support anyone in their work from home transition. 

1.    Create Healthy Habits

Maintaining healthy habits is essential for your successful work from home schedule. Creating a healthy routine helps ensure you are setting yourself up for a productive workday. Healthy habits encompass a wide range of life choices, including eating regular healthy meals, taking purposeful breaks away from devices, staying hydrated, and participating in regular exercise. By nourishing your mind and body, you can achieve maximum productivity! Many CSOFTers enjoy starting their day with a morning run as well as maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

2.    Choose a Dedicated Workspace

While selecting a work from home space can be challenging, and a designated ‘workspace’ may look different for everyone, it is important to find a space that allows you to focus and, if possible, is detached from personal space. Dedicating an exclusive area as your go-to workspace and associating that space with focus will enhance your daily productivity. Some CSOFTers recommend creating a standing space to work in for additional health benefits!

3.    Structure Your Day as You Would at the Office

For many people, working from home has dramatically impacted traditional work schedules. Fortunately, most technologies and devices used daily in the office can also be incorporated into remote working structures. Setting time aside to respond to emails, answer phone calls, and participate in (virtual) meetings can help to structure your workday and prioritize various tasks. Playing focus music in the background helps some CSOFTers to imitate an office work setting and increase their productivity!

4.    Limit Distractions

Eliminating distractions can be extremely difficult while working from home. While various technologies and devices can be used for supporting work, many can cause us to feel slightly overwhelmed and distracted. Balancing the use of technologies and screen time can improve focus and alleviate burnout. CSOFTers suggest taking breaks from social media and managing notifications during the day can boost your work from home life!

5.    Stay Connected

Strong communications and relations with co-workers and managers are essential for a productive work from home schedule. Staying in touch and sharing successes is not only beneficial for team positivity, but can also help improve everyone’s well-being. CSOFTers suggest having a weekly wrap up meeting to inform team members on recent events and exciting updates.

6.    Communicate Expectations

Communication is key to setting expectations. By working closely, especially in a virtual setting, with co-workers and managers, deadlines and project goals can still be met while working remotely. At home, your new co-workers may be your roommates, significant others, or family members. In the same way, CSOFTers highly suggest communicating your work schedules with your new co-workers as well!

7.    Celebrate the Gains

Celebrating the gains is more important than ever at CSOFT, particularly in these unprecedented times. As companies move to reinvent the workplace, employers are finding new ways to support and celebrate their workers moving forward. While working from home is not everyone’s preferred work environment, with the help of these tips, your work from home productivity can increase dramatically.

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