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Chinese New Year 2013 is Upon Us: CSOFT's New Years Resolutions

Chinese New Year 2013 is just about here, just as the western world is finally settling into (or perhaps falling out of) all those ambitious New Year’s resolutions. Countries following the lunar calendar – such as China, Indonesia, and Singapore – are gearing up for Chinese New Year celebrations. Headquartered here in Beijing, we at CSOFT can’t help but be influenced by the festive atmosphere all around us. But just because everyone else is closing shop for the week doesn’t mean we are too.

If you have any urgent localization requests over the Chinese New Year holiday, don’t panic: we’ve got your back! We work in multiple shifts to provide you with 24/7 service throughout the year, even over the holidays, so feel free to contact us with any requests or inquiries you might have.

That said, we intend to take part in at least some of the festivities, whether that be setting off fireworks to ward off the evil Nian or sharing some predictions about the future, supplied by the all-knowing, irrefutably  accurate Chinese zodiac.

As it is the Year of the Snake, we should begin by first discussing those serpentine forecasts. All sources seem to agree, despite this being ‘your year,’ anyone of the snake sign should generally avoid making large investments this year. Wait out the winter, hold onto that hard-earned cash, and save. Speaking of saving, we’ll spare you any predictions about what this year holds in store for your love life. Other blogs can supply that information, certainly.

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Of course, with CSOFT’s 10th Anniversary Celebration occurring this year, we thought we’d take a look at what the Year of the Snake holds for those (companies) born under the sheep sign. After several unsuccessful attempts to find a positive spin for the sheep horoscope, we’ve decided not to (I mean, really, if this year’s horoscope for sheep were a Magic 8-Ball response, it would read “Try again later”). Instead, we decided to do what we do best: take matters into our own hands and have a little bit of fun!

Chinese New Year 2013 is Upon Us: CSOFT's New Years Resolutions

And don’t forget, the Year of the Snake also happens to be CSOFT’s 10th Annual World Summit! Scheduled for the 26th to the 28th of June, this year’s celebration promises to be CSOFT’s biggest, most explosive event to date – much like Chinese New Year, there’s sure to be a bang! Look out for more updates and previews as we slither into the New Year.

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