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CSOFT is proud to be participating in the tekom tcworld China 2016 in Shanghai on April 18-19. Our technical communicators, account managers, and operations managers from all around the world along with other experts in the technical communication and localization industries are there at the Pudong InterContinental to learn, network, and exchange ideas for modernizing and streamlining communications.

[dropcap type=”square or circle”] A [/dropcap]t the opening of the conference, tekom’s Tang Yuting introduced their brand new website for the Chinese market. The website features monthly articles on a variety of communications topics, with content available in Chinese with translation support from CSOFT. The new website is sleek and modern, leveraging HTML5 capabilities to give information seekers a seamless experience.

Keeping Up With Technology

In his Keynote, Dr. Michael Fritz, CEO of tekom, shared his perspectives on recent technology, communications, and content delivery trends. He emphasized how the entire technical communications industry must respond to the paradigm shift in information delivery. In other words, in the smartphone era, our audiences expect information to be mobile, and our industry must adapt. Companies are responding to this shift at different rates. As Dr. Fritz highlighted, the majority of companies are still delivering information through unwieldy mediums like print and PDF. In order to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape of technology, companies must make context a cardinal concern when designing content.

In other words, in the smartphone era, our audiences expect information to be mobile, and our industry must adapt

Results from a recent tekom survey in Germany show that information should be embedded within the product itself and be accessible anytime, anywhere. In some cases, information is communicated before the product owner even knows about it. For example, with the development of smart cars, vehicles will be able to detect maintenance issues through algorithms, and communicate these issues to service stations before the car’s owner is even aware of them. This information allows service stations to be fully prepared to fix an issue before the driver even pulls up.

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In response to the shifting landscape of technical communication, tekom has created the Intelligent Information Initiative (IN3) to standardize information architecture under Industry 4.0, so that technical communication can evolve in step with technology.

John Artman, Head Writer for CSOFT’s Technical Communications department, asked Dr. Fritz to estimate how long it would take to see this paradigm shift. Dr. Fritz predicted that with the increasing pace of technological advancement, a seismic change in the way we communicate about technology will take place within the next 5 years.

CSOFT is excited to be a part of these changes, and our increasing presence in China puts us in a unique position to help Chinese companies stay on the forefront of global communication.




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