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From May 23-25, CSOFT’s MedL10N Life Sciences Unit attended and exhibited at the 10th DIA China Conference held at the Beijing International Convention Center. This year’s event attracted thousands of pharmaceutical R&D professionals from around the world to discuss new drug regulations, drug research and development, and the future of the health care industry in China.

This year, MedL10N was a silver level sponsor for DIA China and provided live interpretation services for 53 different forums and 14 different themes during the conference, including the ICH Training Day, the opening ceremony, and CFDA topics.

China’s push on new policies to keep up with growing chronic diseases as well as international competitors creates a new market of opportunity for companies in the life sciences industries. With the state council’s plans to allow clinical trial data to be submitted from overseas, the drug approval process and time-to-market will be significantly reduced for pharma companies. Although China is the second largest drug market in the world, releasing a new drug into the market can often be delayed by years. With these new policies, life science companies are looking at a more seamless transition into China.

As one of the first language service providers to hold an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 quality management system certifications, MedL10N leads the way in quality, compliance, and risk minimization for life sciences companies entering foreign markets and provides professional translation services for pharmaceutical and medical device companies around the world. MedL10N partners with many leading clinical research organizations (CROs) and has a large network of industry experts covering a wide range of medical fields to help speed up overseas research processes.

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