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The millennial generation tends to think that their baby boomer parents are outdated when it comes to technology. And if what goes around comes around, then the children of Generation X may now be feeling the same way about them. See, for example, how kids nowadays react to rotary phones and walkmans, devices that were once hailed as technological “breakthroughs” of their time.

The stereotype of parents as being old-fashioned tends to exist in every passing generation. And in today’s technologically advanced world, we often think that our parents are ‘uncool’ just because they are not as tech savvy as we are. And with Mother’s Day fast approaching, we’ve been reading some of the funniest texts sent by moms. By the way, if you haven’t already seen them, you should!

Here’s one of our favorites:

Moms and Technology

We love stories about moms not being so au courant with the latest text slang and internet jargon. That’s why we also went around the office at CSOFT’s Beijing headquarters and asked some of our colleagues if their moms have had any technological fumbles.

Kirby Wang: “One day I said to my mom, ‘Mom you need to clean up your desktop,’ and she used a mop to clean it.”

Edvan Fleury: “My mom didn’t realize that her smartphone was set up to automatically post all her pictures to her Facebook page. One day, I saw an embarrassing picture of me when I was little on my mom’s page and I immediately called her and asked her to take it down. She’s afraid of taking pictures with her phone now, but I’ll change her cell phone settings once I’m back for the holiday.”

Jenni Chen: “My mom is addicted to online games on QQ (China’s most popular instant messaging service). One of the games she loves to play is farm games; it’s similar to FarmVille on Facebook.  She’d set multiple alarms throughout the day to remind herself to grow crops, harvest, plant trees, take care of  animals, etc. I’d say she’s quite competitive and always tries to outshine other players.

Frank Wen: “My mom never bothered to use a computer until I gave her an iPad as a Mother’s Day gift two years ago. But she’s quite a fast learner. I left home and the next day, she used FaceTime to call me at 6 o’clock in the morning. She still uses her paper-based planner though and only uses her iPad to browse… and to call me.

Isn’t true though? At the end of the day, all moms want is to connect with their kids, who are always looking down at their latest gadgets. Already holding what some say “the world’s toughest job,” they now have to overcome their tech-phobia and learn a zillion social media apps out there.

“That’s what’s so awesome about moms,” said Alma Gomez, CSOFT’s Corporate Service Assistant. “A lot of us here at CSOFT are away from home, so I think moms do try very hard to learn to be up to date so they can communicate with us.”

So on this upcoming Mother’s Day — which is this coming Sunday, May 11th—we want to show our appreciation to all the moms out there.  And whether or not you’re far away from home, let’s remember their dedication and tell them that you’re grateful.

Happy Mothers Day

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