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We caught up with International HR Associate Kathy Banach to get her insights on the 2015 CSOFT Summit and what she is expecting for this year’s event.

How would you describe the summit to someone who has never been before?

The Summit is basically a gathering of the rock stars of localization – it’s a world-class event that brings the most inspiring entrepreneurs, expert panelists, executives and companies together to align, connect and disrupt with only the most creative and game-changing solutions of the industry. If there’s an event you don’t want to miss, this is it.

Can you retell a particular highlight from last the 2015 summit?

I don’t think I’ll ever forget Marisa Drew of Credit Suisse Investment and her speech on Megatrends. It’s always very humbling to see someone so successful and passionate about their profession speak. Marisa’s enthusiasm and ability to explain how innovation occurs around environmental sustainability really showed that her work is a reflection of who she is, and it was a great reminder that dedication is the true key to success.

Did anything surprise you about last years summit? Anything there that you didn’t expect to be?

Even though I was involved in the planning of last year’s Summit and had a general idea of the agenda, I was still a bit flustered by all the opportunities – whether you wanted to attend a session on networking, strategy discussions, technology updates, or business development – you name it, it was on the schedule. That, combined with everyone’s eagerness to share ideas and connect was a pleasant surprise and one that I am very eager to witness again this year.

And coming onto this years summit, how are you feeling about it being in Shanghai?

I’m embarrassed to say that although I’ve been in China for close to 7 years, I’ve never actually made it down to Shanghai!  All shocking confessions aside, I’m really excited to finally get to see the city and all the things it’s famous for – the skyline, the local landmarks and of course the fusion of “old-Shanghai” charm and modern city vibe.

What are you most looking forward to in the 2016 summit?

Although I’ve had the opportunity to work with people from all of our Mainland China and U.S offices, we don’t get that many occasions to meet, so it’ll be great to see everyone in person – both the old and the new faces. I’m also excited to see some of the brightest minds this industry has to offer speak and get their insights on what the industry has in store for us. With last years’ experience fresh in my mind, I can honestly say that the Summit is the perfect storm of good things, and I’m just about ready to let the countdown begin.

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