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Issue Two of Your Own Terms, the biweekly comic about Sir Terminus: Crusader of Logic, Manly Valor, and Multilingual Terminology Management.

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TermWiki is the localization industry’s first completely multilingual, wiki-based and collaborative terminology management system. TermWiki’s advanced host of features is complete with definable data categories, allowing you to take precise control over the way in which your terms are organized.

In combination with TermWiki’s powerful, wiki-based data structure, the definable nature of its attributes and drop-down menus enables you to organize your terms in a way that specifically applies to your workflow. You can organize terms by industry, language, domain, product, product line, etc. There’s no limit.

Because of this, the granularity of TermWiki’s search filters is unseen among other enterprise-level terminology management systems. If, for example, you wanted to find the source terms not yet translated into Ancient Egyptian for version 5.0 of product ABC—and only wanted software-related terms to appear—TermWiki terminology management could proffer relevant search results in seconds.

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