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Showcased in CSOFT’s Shenzhen 100 Founder Stories, UBTECH is a great place to innovate. Its key strategic partnerships and cost-awareness will allow it to expand as it brings its unique robotic technology into people’s homes.

On July 12th, 2016, UBTECH’s Jimu robots went on sale in Apple stores worldwide, making the UBTECH founder James Chow’s dream of having a robot in every home one step closer to reality. UBTECH features several highly functional robots in its hardware portfolio, and the Jimu robot is certainly the most applicable for family use. The Jimu robot is designed for children ages 8 and up. Similar to LEGO building blocks, Jimu uses small attachable pieces to create a larger object. However, the difference with Jimu is that it can move and interact with its creator.

This means kids don’t only learn the concept of building with blocks but, in the perfect balance between education and imagination, they also learn to program a robot for themselves. Apple has hundreds of educational experts who have been studying STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education, noted Co-Founder Goti Deng, when he sat down with CSOFT President & CEO Shunee Yee.

“The Jimu robot is a good carrier for them because it will cultivate children’s three-dimensional thinking, sharpen their practical abilities, and engage a child’s science and technical abilities.” He went on to explain that “in its basic form, Jimu is a constructive building block, but it is more than just pieces that you put together to form a shape. You build whatever form you want – an animal, a person, or an object – whatever you create becomes a robot. After it’s built, the user can program its sensors to complete a variety of actions”. Thus, Jimu is the do-it-yourself robot that children will love.

For Chow and Deng, Jimu is more than just a constructive toy. They want their product to emulate the same feeling a child has when picking up a Caterpillar toy truck. “We hope kids around the world, from America to India – wherever they are from – will think of UBTECH and Jimu whenever they think of ‘robots’. We want to be more than a brand, we want to be a culture.” Deng said.

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